Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe

On Friday night my parents decided to take me out for a night at a Jazz club and I had the best time! We were going to go to Cliff Bell’s Jazz Club in Detroit, but the traffic was insane due to The Steve Martin and Martin Short Comedy show downtown. So we decided to drive to Grosse Pointe. We arrived late, but the show was still going strong!


     The group that was performing on Friday featured Chris Kurzawa on guitar, Chris Codish on keyboard, Mike Harrington on bass guitar, Eugene McBride on drums, and Alexander Zonjic on the flute. The group covered some jazz songs, fed off the energy of the crowd, and just jammed. It was really a wonderful experience.

     I was able to speak with Alexander Zonjic in between sets and I told him that I am a singer and that I play the Ukulele. I also told him that I am going to be interning with the Vail Jazz Festival during the month of May so I wanted to expose myself to some quality Jazz music. I also realized that I had worked with him before. He performed with a non profit group called the Far Conservatory of Therapeutic Arts and Recreation. Close to Christmas each year the conservatory has a performance where the members are able to play instruments, sing, and dance on stage for their families. The performance takes place at my school so I have worked with the organization. I actually ran a follow spot on Alexander one year and I recognized him right away.

     The intimate set up of the cafe was cozy and inviting, but cool and mature at the same time. With it’s dim lights and dark wood features the ambiance radiated a refined and smooth atmosphere. Just being in that setting had my thoughts imagining myself opening a music club in the future, where live artists could jam and perform to small, eclectic crowds.

If you have never been to a Jazz club, or any type of music club for that matter, I highly recommend going and just enjoying the music. I loved everything about the club, and I loved sharing my experience! Until next weekend!

-Swaggie Maggie

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