What to Expect from a Michigander Show

If you don’t know who Michigander is, you need to. Jason Singer has been putting all he’s got into the solo project since 2015, and if you ask me it’s definitely paying off. The indie rocker from western Michigan does not have any full-length records yet, but every single Singer has recorded so far is seriously beautiful. I had the opportunity to see Singer perform live this past week, and I’m going to let you know what to expect from a Michigander Show.

Seriously Talented Openers

Something I’ve noticed when I go toshows is that I’m always wary of opening acts. I’ve been to enough concerts to know that there are plenty of great openers but there are aIMG_7791 select few who are not up to par. I’m always skeptical when an opening act takes the stage, but both of the bands who played before Michigander were killer! Both Michaela Stock and Young Pioneer werefantastically talented groups. Stock reminded me of a young, gritty, Alanis Morissette while Young Pioneer played some heavy rock. I loved being so pleasantly surprised by both groups!

Quirky Charm

I love musicians with personality, and there’s no shortage of unique disposition. Michigander’s personality was very evident within every aspect of his performance. The way Singer interacted with fans between songs, the faces he made while concentrating on the music, and his humble attitude all contributed to his charm. I always prefer seeing artists live rather than just listening to their catalogs on Spotify for this specific reason. You’re able to see exactly who they are and what they stand for.

No Frills – Real Talent

Michigander’s show last week was hosted at one of the tiniest venues I’ve ever been to, but that’s what made it special. Small shows like that are the most accurate representation of an artist because there’s nothing to hide behind. There isn’t any special lighting or costume changes. It’s all real talent. Michigander definitely left it all out there on the stage, and it was so refreshing. My favorite moment of the concert was during the song Mexico when Singer literally silenced the entire room with his beautiful song. It was really special.

If you get a chance to see Michigander live, you need to take that opportunity! I promise you’ll be so impressed.

-Swaggie Maggie

The 1975: Expectation vs. Reality

The 1975 is a band that I can always turn to when I feel like I have too many thoughts in my mind. I’ve listened to both of their albums a million times over and I’ve gushed to anyone that will listen about the symbolism, artistry, and overall energy the band produces. After seeing them live for the first time this past summer, I was in awe of and addicted to everything about them.

Seeing the band live is an experience and I was curious to see if my second time seeing them live would be any different than the first. Not necessarily better or worse, but there is no way to exactly reproduce a moment in time, so I knew I was in for an interesting concert.img_3386


Going to the concert I was expecting the usual. Dynamic instrumentals, compelling vocals, 1478931203494poetic lyrics, stimulating lights…the typically brilliant 1975. I was expecting to feel transformed by the power of the music I was experiencing, because even
when I listen to the band on my phone while walking to class, I feel like I’ve learned a little bit more about myself and about the world around me.


After almost a week after seeing the band live I can still feel the bass vibrating my bones, and I can still feel the warmth of the unimaginable amount of love being produced in the venue. Somebody asked me how I felt after seeing the show and I told them I “spiritually cleansed” and I’ll stick with that description until the day I die. Seeing The 1975 live came at a time when all I was seeing and feeling around me was negativity, and after hearing all of my favorite songs live and singing along with every word, I felt like every bit of negative energy had left my body and I was completely content. When the band changed the set and played Robbers (my favorite song of all time) I couldn’t help but think the universe knew I needed to hear it.

The concert was almost surreal. When I’d seen The 1975 in the summer it had been an outdoor concert and I had lawn seats. Don’t get me wrong, sitting on the lawn with my best friend, listening to the music was a blast but being 30 feet away from the stage was definitely a different experience and delivered a different vibe.

The 1975 did not disappoint, so if you have a chance to see them at one of their remaining tour dates, consider going! You’ll thank yourself that you went.

-Swaggie Maggie

Catfish and the Bottlemen: Expectation vs. Reality

“It was an out of body experience…I feel enlightened!” The description I gave people who asked me how I liked the Catfish and the Bottlemen concert I went to last week. On the drive downtown, I was excited, but I had absolutely no clue what was in store for the night.


Honestly, I don’t know why, but I was expecting a very impersonal concert. I think this is because even though I love the band, they’re still a bit of a mystery to me. All I knew about them was the way they sounded on their albums. I’d never watched any interviews they’d been featured in and I’d only glance at their social media. I was expecting a grumpy lead singer surrounded by a seemingly indifferent band, who sang the songs they were required to and quickly hopped off stage. Kind of like something you’d see in a movie.


Catfish and the Bottlemen took the stage full force and brought everything they had in them to their performance. The entire band was having the time of their lives and by the looks on their faces, timg_2946hey were impressed with the level of the crowd’s energy. I can’t remember the last time I danced that hard at a concert, but it’s honestly an amazing feeling. Everyone moved in sync with the rhythm of each song and screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. With a perfect mix of songs from each of their albums they totally rocked. To top it off, I realized that they are everything I aspire to be as a musician. Edgy yet vulnerable. Inspired and inspiring! I loved their performance so much that I’m planning a trip to see them in a different city when they come back the US.

img_2959Meeting Van McCann after the show was a huge bonus!!

If you have the chance to see Catfish and the Bottlemen live, I highly recommend it! They definitely know how to put on a show, and how to put a crowd in a trance!

-Swaggie Maggie