My second semester has started and with the new semester comes new and exciting classes. I have picked up a ceramics class, an oceanography class, and a class entitled “RASH”. This stands for Recent American Social History and the course description is “This course traces the rise of the modern American Rebel through the development of rock and roll music traditions amidst the youth-oriented culture of post-World War II America. This history will be viewed in the context of the political, historical, demographic, cultural and technological forces at work in the modern and post-modern world.”

So far in class we have watched a 1953 film entitled “The Wild One” which is about two rival motorcycle gangs that terrorize a small town in California. The movie is complete with delinquent teenagers, fights, and a good girl who wants the bad boy to change for her. This movie has apparently fueled many pop-culture references, and ideas that are still relevant today including leather jackets, aviator sunglasses, and blue jeans.

I am beyond excited to see where this class takes me, and learn everything there is to know about contemporary musical history. This is the type of class that makes me excited to learn for the sake of learning-I walk into the class with a smile plastered on my face, and I leave with a smile as well, knowing that I have learned so much in one class period and that there is still more to learn tomorrow.

I encourage all of you to take a class that makes you feel the same way that this class makes me feel. Take a class knowing next to nothing about it and fall completely in love. I really enjoyed writing this blogpost and I look forward to next week! Don’t forget to follow and share!!

-Swaggie Maggie

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