Playlists About People

I have gotten into the habit of creating playlists of songs that represent people I know. I will hear a song and think to myself “Hmm…that seems like something my friend would say.” or “Wow if my friend were a song this would be them.” One song becomes two, two songs become three, and three songs end up turning into a playlist.

I love making playlists about people. Sometimes the playlist can represent more than one person, and sometimes the playlist is specific. I feel that by making playlists that represent people I can better understand how I feel about them. If there are a lot of fun, upbeat songs I think of them as a close friend. If the music all has negative tones I don’t particularly like that person. If the songs are love song after love song I have a crush on them.

It is kind of magic when you put songs together without thinking too hard about what the songs will sound like in the same playlist. When making a mixtape I think about how each song sounds in comparison together, but with these playlists the songs do that on their own and create something really wonderful.

Have any of you ever created a playlist for a specific person? Let me know! I really enjoyed writing this post, and I look forward to next week. Don’t forget to follow and share!

-Swaggie Maggie

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