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I’ve been really falling behind with updating my blog. It’s just really hard to find the time to write when your entire Saturday consists solely of cheering on a Big 10 football team. But that is no excuse! I’ve got to get back in the game! I’m going to start by making a post about all the music I’ve been listening to lately because this music needs to be heard by everybody!

Badlands by Halsey

I was reluctant to like Halsey when I first heard her because I usually don’t lean towards electronic music. I’ve written about how I value real instruments countless times and I truly do appreciate the skill and the artistry that is involved in playing instruments, but I didn’t understand how truly beautiful electronic music could sound. Halsey, otherwise known as Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, released her first full length album entitled Badlands this past August. It can be described as electro-pop, synth-pop and indie-pop. The songs are female driven anthems in which Halsey sings about everything from love to lust to loss. The concept was to create a dystopian society within the album in which a broken city is surrounded by a barren desert. In an interview Halsey stated that she used the songwriting process as a way to escape from her real life struggles and that she discovered that the metaphor of her album was that even with no escape, there is still optimism that there is somewhere else to go. My favorite songs off the album are “Hold Me Down”, “Coming Down” and “Gasoline” so go and listen to the entire album ASAP! I also looooove her live version of “Hold Me Down” that she did for Vevo Lift, it’s amazing and it honestly speaks to my soul.

Photo Courtesy of Halsey Twitter

Black Lines Album by Mayday Parade

I’ve been in love with Mayday Parade for quite a while now. Mayday Parade was formed in 2005 as a pop punk/pop rock band and have since amassed 5 studio albums and a fiercely loyal fanbase. Their style of songwriting is different than any other songwriting formula I have ever seen and it’s gorgeous. Their songs are complete with heart-on-sleeve lyrics, emotional vocals, and epic guitar harmonies. I am obsessed with everything Mayday Parade does so the day that Black Lines was released I sat down and listened to the entire album and I’ll be the first to tell you that I love it! I love the rawness of the lyrics and the vocals, I love the intricate harmonies and melodies, I love everything. I’m also going to see Mayday Parade in a week and I’m pumped! It’ll be my first time seeing them live and I couldn’t be more excited!

Photo Courtesy of altpress

Discover Weekly Spotify Playlist

I love this feature on Spotify! It’s a playlist that Spotify creates for you based on the music you already like and listen to. I love to turn this playlist on while I’m studying or just hanging out. Spotify describes the playlist as a weekly mixtape and that’s exactly what it is! It’s updated every Monday so be sure to check yours out if you have a Spotify account!!

I’m sorry about not being better about updating, but I’m back! I’m not going anywhere! I’m very excited about everything that I have planned for the rest of this year and 2016! Until next week!

-Swaggie Maggie

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