Madness Album Review!

Sorry for not updating AT ALL last week! I am not even kidding when I say that it was the busiest week ever. To top it off I forgot my password…typical Maggie!

I have decided to review Sleeping With Siren’s new album, Madness! It was released on March, 17 by Epitaph Records and was produced by John Feldmann. The first song to be released as a single was “Kick Me”. It’s a hard rock song with thumping drums, and colorfully saturated guitar. From hearing “Kick Me” I thought the whole album would sound a bit like it, but the album is actually very well rounded, using many different sounds, tempos, and techniques.

The album is definitely not what I was expecting, but I love it all the same. The songs are all unique-within the album and compared to the band’s other three albums. There are songs like “Madness” that are on the very soft end of rock, as well as songs like “We Like It Loud” that are on the opposite end of that spectrum. There are also songs like “Fly” that are situated in the middle.

All of the songs are written with beautiful instrumentals and meaningful lyrics. The mix of all of these sounds make for a perfect album that allows you to hear something completely different and unique in each track.

I love this album and I wish only the best for the band. I am thrilled to hear these songs performed live and I am excited to see what the group puts out in the future. Thanks for reading-don’t forget to share!

-Swaggie Maggie

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