Late Nite Reading Concert 5-29-15

     As an avid fan of the band since 2012 when the group released their rock influenced cover of Foster the People’s hit “Pumped Up Kicks” I always make sure to keep my calendar free on days when they come to town. The band recently went on the No Names and Empty Hearts Tour to promote their latest ep: Ecstasy. The ep features 5 songs that are filled with catchy melodies and authentic lyrics.


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     I took my future roommate to the concert with me and it was a great way to meet and get to know her! For anyone who is heading to college in the fall: when you find out who your roommate is going to be I highly encourage you to reach out and spend time with each other before school starts.


     When Late Nite Reading took the stage the crowd of fans went wild. While the band may not be the most well known in the world, the fans are die-hard and would do anything to support or promote the band. It is so heartwarming to see a fanbase that loves a band so unconditionally, as well as seeing a band who treats their fans so well.

Former member and drummer, Drew Cottrell, joined Dalton Wixom, Clayton Collins and Brady Szuhaj on stage for the entire tour and the guys rocked out. I could tell that there was nothing on earth that they would rather be doing than performing. One thing that I really love about the band is that they know how to have fun and be themselves when they are on stage. So often performers can lose themselves in an attempt to be what everyone wants them to be, so it was refreshing to see these guys being themselves and having a blast!


     The band played a wide range of songs including new songs off of Ecstasy, and songs off of their Walls ep. They even covered Drake’s song “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. My favorite song that they sang (and my favorite of all of their songs) was Writing on the Walls.

     After the concert ended we waited for the meet and greet portion to begin. I had purchased VIP tickets and those included a professional photo with the band along with a meet and greet. We all lined up to take the photo and when it got to be my turn I walked over to them with my arms spread and said “how are you guys?!” I’ve seen and met Late Nite Reading so many times that I feel as though I’m meeting up with friends that I can only see once or twice a year. I gave each of them a hug and they told me that it had been a while since they’d seen me. We posed for pictures and waited for everyone else to take their photos as well.


     Once the meet and greet started it was sort of a free-for-all on who could get to the band members first to talk with them. The firs person we talked to was Brady and he was so sweet. We exchanged hugs and told him how great the performance was. He told us that they would be back in September to the same venue. Before heading off to talk with other fans we took a selfie together and hugged again.


     After talking to Brady we got in line to talk to Dalton. We greeted him with a hug and I am not lying when I say that Dalton gives the best hugs. You know when someone is just good at giving hugs and making you feel all fuzzy inside? Yeah that was how this was. After saying goodbye we went over and waited to talk to Clayton. I think that Clayton and I have bad timing with each other because we never are able to chat at their concerts, there are always too many people waiting to see him or theres not enough time.


     If you haven’t heard Late Nite Reading I highly encourage you to give them a listen. Their music is on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube. I love going to their shows and hearing new music from them and I will continue to support them for a long time. It is so cool to grow up with a band and see how they change and their music style changes over the years. It’s amazing to think that they have come such a long way from playing in a tiny bar just a few years ago.I really enjoyed writing this blog and I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store for me!

-Swaggie Maggie

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