Lana Del Rey Concert 5-31-15

     A few weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing Lana Del Rey live for the second time and she was lovely. Her voice is smooth and truly beautiful. Her range is impeccable as she sings sultry low notes and hits bright high notes. Her show was simple, but it was clear that she appreciated her fans like it’s nobody’s business.

Photo courtesy: cameract

It may have been the last day of May, but it felt like spring hadn’t even sprung yet-let alone the summer months beginning the next day. The chill would not have been a problem if the venue had been indoors. So my friends and I donned our turtle necks and puffy winter coats, ready to face the cold!

     While her concert seemed short she sang 13 songs ranging from songs off of her second album Born to Die, songs off of her newest album Ultraviolence, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s song Chelsea Hotel No. 2, even songs that were never technically released. As she crooned to the crowd in her gorgeous, probably vintage dress it was hard not to fall in love with her music all over again. It is impossible not to love somebody who has a voice that sounds as good, if not better than it sounds on the albums.

Photo courtesy: cameract

One thing that I really enjoyed about Lana’s performance was how she connected with the fans. At both of her shows that I’ve gone to she has taken time to walk off the stage and greet the first row of fans. She takes selfies with them, hugs them, and genuinely seems happy that they have taken their time to see and support her. She also exclaimed multiple times throughout the show how happy she was that we were all there, and that we sounded beautiful as we sang her songs back to her.

Lana’s opening act Grimes was also a great part of the show! Her lively set seemed to make some of the sting from the cold disappear and even though I did not know a single song hers, I enjoyed watching her dance around the stage and have a blast!

Photo courtesy: cameract

I will continue to be a Lana Del Rey fan until she stops making music for me to love, and that is a good feeling. I love that she writes and sings about things that have affected her life that other people may think are somewhat taboo; things that aren’t traditionally written about. She is such a unique and individual singer and I have so much respect for her talent.

-Swaggie Maggie

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