Better Off Dead Video Review

    Guess who forgot to update on Saturday because she was going through recruitment? It’s me! For the past few days I’ve been going through the recruitment process in hopes of finding a sorority that will provide me with a sisterhood that I will cherish forever. Since I’ve been spending the entirety of my days doing that I didn’t have time to update until today.

I sat down at my computer and started thinking of some things I could write about when I saw a post from Sleeping With Sirens ( sleepingwithsirens ) about a new music video! I greedily clicked the link and sat back to enjoy their video for “Better Off Dead” A heartbreakingly beautiful song off their new album Madness. The lyrics tell a story of a girl who feels so terrible inside, like she doesn’t belong in her life. Nobody listens to her when she says that she could be better off dead.

This song deals with a touchy subject for people, but the upbeat melody and chord progressions throughout the song give the song a more uplifting feel. The song doesn’t, by any means exclaim that anybody is better off dead. The song is a sort of anthem that has a goal of proving to people that if they keep their heads up and keep an optimistic outlook on life it might not be too late to turn it all around. Lives are such an important and beautiful thing. If you end your life you lose every chance of it ever getting better, and I think that is what the song is portraying.

With lyrics like “And maybe she can fall in love with someone in her life that she could trust, and tell her she’s enough (Will someone tell her she’s enough?)” I think that this song is so important for people to hear. Everyone has to deal with their problems and everyone has to make it through tough times. Nobody has a perfect life. But if you give up when things get rough you aren’t going to be able to feel so much better when things turn around. That is why I think this song is important.

Video courtesy of Sleeping With Sirens and Epitaph Records.

I love the way the video was filmed also. It focuses around the band and the energy that they each bring to the screen is incredible. I love watching people do things that they are so passionate about. I can tell that there is nothing else that the group would rather be doing. I also really liked the different camera angles and lighting choices for the video. I think that if fit perfectly with the tempo of the song.

I loved this video and I can’t wait for Sleeping With Sirens to film more videos. I’m going to see them in November and I am so excited! It will be my fourth time seeing them and I still feel a thrill and butterflies in my stomach just thinking about their performances. They’re definitely my favorite band.

-Swaggie Maggie


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