Riptide Cover

     I last updated my blog on July 12 and to me that is truly unacceptable. I can make an excuse and say that I was busy and while that is completely true I feel the need to make it up to anyone who reads my blog. I know I’m still just starting out and that there aren’t many of you who read these posts, but I am so grateful to those that do take the time out of their days to read my content and support me.

I have a lot of interesting ideas for blogposts in the next few weeks including covers of songs, a mini series, and even a guest blogger! I’m really excited to continue doing what I love with this blog. I have fun and I express my opinions and share my likes and dislikes.

As a sort of apology I have filmed a cover of Vance Joy’s hit “Riptide”! I’m still trying to figure out how to make my ukulele sound better in movies, but I’m pretty pleased with the cover! If you haven’t heard of Vance Joy he is an Australian singer named James Keogh. His debut album “Dream Your Life Away” was released in September, 2014 and since then his success has sky rocketed. Not only is “Riptide” on everyone’s lips, he is touring with Taylor Swift and opening for her! He sings like an angel, plays the ukulele and guitar, and has a beautiful mess of curly hair.

I hope you enjoy my cover of his song and I look forward to everything that I’ve got planned for this blog in the future!

-Swaggie Maggie

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