A Night For The Books

On Friday, November 6 I had one of the most fantastic nights of my life. I stood front row for the Back To The Future Hearts Tour featuring two of my favorite bands, Sleeping With Sirens ( @sleepingwithsirens ) and All Time Low! It was my fourth time seeing Sleeping With Sirens live, but it was my first time EVER seeing All Time Low and going into the venue I couldn’t have been more excited!

     About 2 months before the date of the concert Sleeping With Sirens released VIP Upgrades for each date of the tour and I was quick to hop online and secure one of the 50 upgrades. I was finally going to meet my favorite band of 4 years. If you can imagine how excited I was (and still am, even after the fact) you would understand how I was feeling. I was shaking with nerves and excitement as I waited as the last person in line to meet the band. These guys have been such an important part of my life for 4 years, I’ve written about them in countless blog posts, and now I was finally going to meet them and be able to tell them how much they mean to me.

     We took a photo together and I apologized for being late (you know how college is) when Gabe turned to me and said “You’re Morgan, right?” I smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m Maggie Morgan…otherwise known as Swaggie Maggie.” I told them about this blog and about how I’m constantly writing about their band and their music. They thanked me as they were signing the VIP Laminate I received and Nick joked “So you were too busy blogging to get here on time.” We all laughed and it was time for the band to leave. As they were walking out the door, Justin stopped, turned around and stuck out his hand while saying “It was really great to meet you, Maggie!” I told him it was great to meet him too and I gave him a hug because you’ve just got to give your favorite band hugs. I gave Kellin a hug too and then they were gone. I honestly think Justin recognized me from when I was reposted on the band’s Instagram last spring, and from the times that he’s liked my posts online. It may have been a quick interaction, but I loved meeting and being able to talk to Sleeping With Sirens. I’m no longer a nameless face in the crowd…I’m Swaggie Maggie.

     I had never stood front row for a concert before, and I’ll be the first to tell you. I absolutely loved it, but it was a workout! You are constantly being pushed and shoved toward the front even though your body is flush against the barricade. People don’t seem to understand that there is nowhere else to go once you reach the barrier, but other than that it’s a fantastic experience! When you’re standing so close to the stage you can yell things at the bands and they can actually hear you! You can also score guitar picks and amazing photo opportunities.

I am continuously impressed with Sleeping With Sirens. Every time I see them I love them a little bit more and this was no exception. The amount of energy the bring to the stage is absolutely insane! I could really tell that there was nothing else they’d rather be doing in that exact moment. They’re also just big goofballs! Kellin claimed that he was on a Dayquil high and that he had no clue what he was saying so he was going on and on about the city of Sheldon Michigan (Ypsilanti) and the school for mutant humans that was located there (the concert).


     All Time Low was impressive also! They are so talented and genuine when they are onstage and I loved watching them. My phone died during their set so I don’t have too many pictures, but the memories remain. If I had to label one band as the most energetic, goofy, fun-loving band I’ve ever seen it would be All Time Low. I could really tell that each member loved the others like brothers. Jack and Alex ran around the stage non-stop until the end of the show and were constantly putting a smile on my face with their quirky commentary. One thing I noticed was that the entire front of the stage was covered in bras. You know, you see pictures on Instagram of the band’s mic stands and there’s usually one or two bras hanging off of it, but there were so many bras. At one point, a fake tree was brought out on stage and Jack started hanging the bras on it like a Christmas tree!

These two bands are so talented and I can’t get over the fact that while their personalities are so unique and fun, their music is just as important to them. They seem like the complete package of talent, creativity, and happiness as they fly about the stage and serenade the crowd. I’ll definitely be going to more shows for both bands and if you haven’t had the chance to see either you need to! They’ll give you a night you’ll remember forever!

-Swaggie Maggie

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