5 Seconds Of Summer Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour 8-19-15

     If you know me, you know that I love 5 Seconds Of Summer. I love everything about the band. From their unapologetic goofiness to their kick ass rock songs to their undeniable hotness. I love it all. I have loved the band since they were playing in small standing-room-only venues and it is so cool to see them three years later playing in a huge stadium.

     I had a great concert experience at this show. They played a ton of songs ranging from songs off of their eps to one of their newest singles “She’s Kinda Hot”. They really know how to interact with a crowd and command the stage and it was great to see that. These guys aren’t that much older than I am and they’re already living their dreams and I think that’s fabulous. My favorite song that they sang was definitely “Amnesia” because I think it’s filled with truly raw emotion. It’s a sad love song that is honestly magical.

     One thing that I really loved about the concert was that they picked a girl from the audience to play guitar on stage with them. I think that this is such a cool concept. They looked around and saw a girl in one of the general admission pits that had a sign that read: “CAN ROCK GUITAR”, so she knew that this was going to happen. They pulled her onstage and she was star struck. She ran around the whole stage to hug everyone and when they asked her what her name was and if she could play guitar she said “What?” which was pretty funny. Then they placed a guitar into her hands and said “Go!” I was SO excited for her! How many people get that opportunity to play onstage with their favorite band? Granted she wasn’t the best guitar player, but it was still cool.

     Another song they sang that I LOVED was “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. The band has this tradition of rapping it when they come to Detroit because Eminem was born and raised in the city. I thought it was really funny when Luke messed up the words at the end of the rap, it helped me remember that they’re young and make mistakes and can laugh it off because they’re only human. I think it’s so hot when they rap. I don’t know why I find it hot…I just do. (please don’t mind my screaming in the video. I’m a small person! I can’t hold my excitement in!)

     I cannot begin to explain how much I love this band. I know that they try so hard not to be a band for little kids, but it just ends up that way. Honestly being at the concert was kind of like being at a middle schooler’s birthday party filled with hundreds of screaming 12 year olds. I think that is so important though. This band is teaching these kids how to appreciate rock music with meaningful lyrics. They are teaching them how to enjoy music that is recorded and performed with real instruments being played by the band themselves. They are teaching them how to embrace rock music and how to have fun at a rock concert.


     I decided to get a little creative with my outfit for this concert by pairing a white, lace crop top with patterned, blue shorts. I am so glad that this is what I wore because it was overwhelmingly hot in the venue. I think that everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and the hot air that came out of their mouths became the air in the building.


     I can’t wait to see 5 Second of Summer’s success skyrocket even more. I wish them all the best in every aspect of their lives and I am so excited for their new album to come out later on this year!

-Swaggie Maggie

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