The Ready Set Concert!!!!

     Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday…I was at home for about 1 hour and the rest of the day I was super busy so here’s a post today! I hope you all had a great Halloween-I went as Audrey Hepburn!

On Wednesday I went to the Outsiders Tour featuring Against the Current, Downtown Fiction, Metrostation, and The Ready Set. When I bought the tickets I was only concerned with seeing The Ready Set so I bought a VIP ticket. This included a private acoustic show, a meet and greet with Jordan, and a signed poster. The acoustic show was so much fun! He started with an acoustic version of his song Castaway and then took requests from the small crowd. After the set was done the group lined up for a picture with Jordan. Here’s a picture from the acoustic show, and my picture with Jordan 🙂

The Acoustic Set

Jordan and me!!!! I know you can’t tell by looking at the picture, but inside I was freaking out! The Ready Set has been my favorite band since seeing them perform at Warped Tour this summer so it was awesome to be able to meet him!

After waiting in line for what seemed like forever and becoming friends with two girls in line with me we got into the venue and claimed our spots. I had never heard of Against the Current or Downtown Fiction, but I am a fan of both bands now! They both had great sets! When Metro Station came onstage everyone went ballistic! I only knew 2 of their songs, but that didn’t stop me from dancing and having a great time! This is the first Metro Station tour in 5 years and I could tell that the band was thrilled to be on the road again!

Trace Cyrus!!!

When The Ready Set finally took the stage I went crazy! I was dancing to every song, jumping up and down to the beat, and my arms were constantly in the air. I was a little bit worried that the concert would not live up to my high expectations that were set after Warped Tour, but my expectations were exceeded! The band played songs of their new album The Bad and The Better as well as songs off their past albums.

After the concert was over Metro Station was standing next to their merch table, waiting to meet with fans. I hopped in line and was able to get a picture with the band and tell them how great their set was!

The Ready Set was also saying hi to fans after the show so I waited in line to meet the guitar player, Mike Naran (he liked the picture of us on instagram!!!) and I got to talk with Jordan again.

Mike Naran

I love The Ready Set and I will continue to go to their concerts until there are no more concerts to go to. I had an amazing time at this show and I have been reliving it in my head for the past few days, wishing that I could go to a concert every night! I wish all the bands on The Outsiders Tour the best. Thanks for reading this blogpost, and I can’t wait for the next one!

-Swaggie Maggie

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