Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens WORLD TOUR!

Last Sunday I went to see Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens at Megafest for their world tour. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes. This concert is one of my favorite concert experiences. Yes. I am still in awe of how awesomely amazing this concert was.

There were 9 bands performing at Megafest, but I was only concerned with seeing Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. I had only heard of one other band performing at Megafest, but I fell in love with every band I was able to see! I arrived when Our Last Night was just starting their set and I’m just going to say flat out that they rock so hard onstage. I had never heard them before but they honestly killed it. Next was This Wild Life and I fell in love. They are such a hipster band and they just made my heart melt and I’ve been listening to them on repeat since the concert. I’m not sorry.


This Wild Life

Beartooth then started their set and it was insane. The lead singer, Caleb Shomo, was so loud and he kept screaming “MOVE UP! MOVE UP!” I could really tell that the band was having the time of their life onstage and they wanted the crowd to feel the same way. The Color Morale was next to perform and lead singer, Garret Rapp was so encouraging. Even though I had never heard of the band I felt like he genuinely cared about every single person in the crowd. He said things like “You are all beautiful little broken crayons, but you know the thing about broken crayons? They can still color!” This statement touched me deeply and thus was started a new found love.


The Color Morale

The Word Alive came next and I actually have a kind of funny story about this band. The Drummer, Luke Holland, actually followed me on instagram during the summer and then unfollowed me once I followed him back…so yep that’s my funny story. The Word Alive was so…alive while performing. I could feel their energy radiating off the stage and even though I had never heard any of the songs I could feel the music running through my body. It was a surreal experience.


The Word Alive

Finally Sleeping With Sirens took the stage. As my favorite band they were perfect. Everything about their performance was perfect. From the moment they stepped onstage to perform “Kick Me”, to slowing it down for “Roger Rabbit” and “Iris” to Kellin jumping off the stage and singing in the middle of the crowd on top of 7 big dudes. The concert was amazing. My favorite part had to be when Kellin said “I want you to lift your hand in the air, and point to where you’re from. I’m from Grand Rapids! I went to school here! and I know that there is no love like Michigan love!” (It’s a Michigan thing) It was just so personal, and I know that we are the only stop on the tour that had this moment with the band.


Sleeping With Sirensimage

Kellin Quinn singing in the crowd

When Pierce The Veil began their performance the entire crowd went ballistic. I am a big fan but being at the concert showed me that I knew the words to probably four of their songs. I still had an amazing time though! Every song the band sang was filled with emotion and I could tell that every single member of the band was having the time of their life onstage, and loved seeing their fans singing along with them and dancing. It was a really good time.


Pierce The Veil

When Kellin Quinn joined Pierce The Veil for their final song “King For A Day” I went crazy. As one of my favorite songs it was surreal to be able to see them perform it live! The excitement continued the next day when I posted a photo to Instagram with the caption “@kellinquinn and @justinnfjk kinllin it on stage last night <3” about an hour later I was looking through who had liked the photo and I see the name @justinnfjk on my screen. Justin Hills of Sleeping With Sirens liked the photo I took of him. I know its just a matter of tapping the screen twice, but I’m still excited that he liked it 🙂


Kellin and Justin killin it onstage 🙂

I love concerts and this experience was freaking amazing. I discovered new music to listen to and I got to see my favorite bands perform live onstage. Thanks for reading this blogpost, see you next week!

-Swaggie Maggie

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