Music in Foreign Languages!

     Hi everyone! Sorry for that sloppy, short, and extremely rushed post last week. Homecoming is such a hassle when you’re a cheerleader! The football game doesn’t end until 4:00 and all of your friends want to meet for photos at 6:00…that just isn’t enough time to get ready 😛 Here’s a picture of how I looked (just in case anyone was wondering haha)


Now onto the blogpost! I have recently become very into listening to music that is sung in foreign languages. I have become a firm believer that the music you listen to should not be confined to music you can “understand”. It is so easy to look up a translation of the lyrics that it should not even be a problem. Even if you don’t feel like looking up a translation, you can still enjoy the tune! Here are a few songs in foreign languages that I absolutely love! (The links to the songs are the titles)

1) Elle Me Dit – By: Mika is a French song about a mother telling her son to sing a song that is happy in place of a sad song. She tells him to sing and dance and have fun while he is young. I really love this song because it is so happy and upbeat.

2) Màs Que Amor – By: Il Volo is an Italian song. The title translates to “We Are Love”. I really enjoy this song because of these guy’s voices! They sound amazing together!

3) Formidable – By: Stromae is another French song that I really like. The title translates to “Wonderful” which is ironic seeing that is song is about a relationship that was “fort minable” which means “Very pathetic”. I love that Stromae’s lyrics are so deep and meaningful. The video has English subtitles so you can see what the lyrics mean 🙂

That’s it for this blogpost! I hope you liked it, and I really encourage you to go and find a song in a language you are not familiar with and just listen to the song without knowing any of the words…see how it makes you feel. I loved writing this post and I can’t wait for next week’s!

-Swaggie Maggie

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