Late Nite Reading: My Favorite Band!

I’ve been a fan of the band Late Nite Reading for quite some time now. Late Nite Reading is an amazing, pop-punk band from the suburbs of Indiana. The band is made of Dalton Wixom, Brady Szuhaj, and Clayton Collins. I first discovered the band two years on Facebook by listening to their cover of Pumped up Kicks and then continuing to listen to it on repeat for days. I ended up sharing all of their videos with my Facebook friends and telling everyone I know about their music.

The first time I saw Late Nite Reading in concert was at Small’s Bar on April 19th, 2013. They were playing with a few other bands for the Bryan Stars Tour. It was one of my favorite concerts, and it really got me into going to shows at a smaller venue. The concert was so intimate, and I loved it! I was able to meet each member of the band and talk with them for quite a while. (I was so starstruck) As if being able to talk to them wasn’t enough, their set was great! They sang new songs, old songs, and they even sang Pumped up Kicks!

This past Tuesday I went to see Late Nite Reading perform in the Turn up Tour with Hollywood Ending. I finally got to the venue, and the bouncer said “Wow. You sure are late.” I laughed it off until I realized that I had missedLate Nite Reading perform. I’m still laughing at myself about it, because it’s just my luck that I would miss them! Even though I missed them play I was able to talk to Dalton and Brady afterwards, and it was super! They remembered me from the last time I met them, and from when I tweet about them. They really made me feel good about being their fan.

(The pictures on the left are from the the concert at Smalls and the pictures on the right are from Tuesday…Can you believe how different we all look!!!)

I am so excited to see where Late Nite Reading goes from here, and I wish the band the best. If you haven’t heard their music you need to – like now…right this minute. I loved writing this blogpost and I look forward to writing about Late Nite Reading in the future. Don’t forget to follow and share!

-Swaggie Maggie

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