I Want To Know What You Think: Bands Covering Songs

So a lot of bands have gotten into the habit of covering other songs. Whether it be while they are on tour, on the band’s Youtube channel or even on an album, it has become a trend.

This past week Panic! At The Disco posted a video of their cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a timeless hit by Queen. The song was performed during a show on their Gospel Tour. I watched the video and they really did an amazing rendition of the song, but I am so partial to Queen and Freddie Mercury. Other artists that have covered songs on tour include One Direction, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Iron and Wine.

Other ways musicians have covered songs is through Fearless Record’s album series “Punk Goes…”. This is a series of albums in which punk bands can cover songs from other genres; there are 5 “Punk Goes Pop” albums, 2 “Punk Goes Acoustic” albums, a “Punk Goes Metal” album, a “Punk Goes 80’s” album, 2 “Punk Goes 90’s” albums, a “Punk Goes Crunk” album, a “Punk Goes Classic Rock” album, and even a “Punk Goes Christmas” album.

What is cool about the “Punk Goes…” albums is that the songs are so different from the original songs. It’s awesome to hear a band’s individual and original take on a song. One of the first songs I heard from the “Punk Goes…” albums was For All Those Sleeping’s version of “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. I was so surprised at first that I laughed for about an hour, due to the complete difference in the two versions of the song! I listened to the song again and really fell in love with the band’s take on the song.

I want to know what you think of bands covering songs: Do you love it, hate it, or are you somewhere in the middle like me? I really enjoyed writing this post and I can’t wait for the next one! Don’t forget to follow and share!

-Swaggie Maggie

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