Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is this Friday and everyone is talking about how great their costume is going to be. Even if they don’t tell you exactly what they’re going as, they tell you that it is going to be the best Halloween costume there ever was.

If you are still pondering what your costume should be look no further! I’ve put together some great outfit ideas that embody the spirit and the fashion of a few musical artists.

Dressing as Lana Del Rey is so much fun because she has such a unique style-grungy mixed with bohemian accents like a flower crown. Lana slays in anything she wears so you’re sure to look great!

The great thing about going as a member from KISS is that you can go in a group with your friends, or you can go solo and people will still get it! It’s also a great opportunity to dress up as something completely unlike yourself for Halloween.

If you go as Beyonce you can embody pretty much any of her looks-from one of her gorgeous sparkly dresses to her relaxed boyfriend jean and tank top combos. Don’t forget the crown if you are going for the full “Queen Bey” Look!

If you want to get 3 of your friends together you can go as the entire band including Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael. This costume works best with a group of friends.

Halloween is such a fun holiday because it allows us to dress as something totally out of the ordinary for one day, and nobody thinks twice about what you would “normally do”. These costumes are just suggestions and starting off points for so many different and original costumes that you can come up with. If any of you decide to go as a singer or band for Halloween send me a picture!

That’s all for this blogpost-Happy Halloween!

-Swaggie Maggie

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