Favorite Music App and Back To School Playlist!

     School. It is something that I have been dealing with for the past four days. Other teens, like myself, are dealing with school as well and they need something to help them wake up in the morning, or to get them through the day. If this sounds like you, look no further!

I have created “Swaggie Maggie’s Back To School Mix” on one of my favorite apps: 8tracks. This app lets you create playlists, and explore and find new music by choosing a few emotions or genres. Once you  choose your tags you are shown playlists that have the same tags. I love this app because it allows me to find new music very easily. I also really like the app because there is a playlist for literally everything you could possibly imagine. Another big plus is that the app is totally free!

The playlist that I created is a fun, happy, upbeat mix that can help wake you up, get you to the weekend, or just to add some color to your day. If you go to the app and search the tag “Swaggie Maggie’s back to school mix”, it should be the only thing there. Once you find it don’t forget to follow me and like the playlist!

You can also use 8tracks online so here is the link to my playlist!!! Thanks so much for reading this post, and I hope you all enjoy yourselves with 8tracks. I hope you all continue to support me and read this blog. Thank you again, and don’t forget to share and follow!

-Swaggie Maggie

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