Where We Are Tour!!! One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer

     I have been in a state of post concert depression and post concert bliss since August 17th. I was taken by my best friend to see the One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer concert and I have been reliving the concert in my mind. To say it simply, the concert was amazing and I even asked my dad to drive me to the next city so I could see the bands perform again.

One Direction is a band from the U.K. made up of five young men: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The boys all auditioned separately for X Factor U.K., only to be put together in a band by Simon Cowell. Since then their popularity has sky-rocketed. They have now been a band for four years and they have traveled the word, sharing their music with their fans.

5 Seconds of summer is a pop-punk, Australian band made up of Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford. They have been touring with One Direction on their WWA Tour and they have been killing it on stage. These guys really know how to handle a crowd and it is fascinating to watch them perform on stage, because you can really tell they are having the time of their lives. The same goes for One Direction when they perform.

I think that is one of my most favorite parts of a concert. When even though the band has been doing the same set night after night, they are still thrilled to be in front of the crowd, sharing their music and doing what they genuinely love. I hope someday to be in that same position, but for now I’ll settle for amazing concerts. 🙂

The crowd for this concert was huge-and I really mean huge! We filled Ford Field for two nights to see a bunch of guys sing and dance on stage, and I loved every minute of it!


It was finally time for 5 Seconds of Summer to take the stage and the entire crowd (myself included) went ballistic, screaming at the top of our lungs. The band sang all of the fan’s favorite songs including AmnesiaDon’t StopShe Looks So Perfect and a very special rendition of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. When Luke Hemmings started rapping Lose Yourself I lost my shit. I am not kidding. Ask anyone who was sitting with me. (by the way the picture below is of 5SOS)


When One Direction took the stage I swear the building shook from the screams erupting from the crowd, and the boys had huge smiles plastered across their faces. I had never been to a One Direction concert, and I’ve liked the band for quite some time so I was very excited that they played songs from all three of their albums. The band sang songs from their Take Me Home album such as Kiss You and Little Things as well as their songs like Best Song Everand You And I from their newest album, Midnight Memories. They even played classics from their Up All Night album like What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing.


This concert experience is one I will never forget. I will always look foreward to hearing new music from both One Direction and 5 Seconds of summer. It is so amazing to see a band grow and improve, right before your eyes and I wish both bands success throughout the rest of their careers and beyond. Thank you for reading this post, and I look foreward to the next one. Don’t forget to share and follow!

-Swaggie Maggie

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